Contact Lenses - Prescription & Non-prescription

Ottawa Contact Lenses - Dr. Therika Ekanayake OD.,B.Sc.

Dr. T. Ekanayake OD.,B.Sc.

Ottawa Optometrist


How much you love your contact lens...and how much they love you... depends not so much on the quality of your contact lens... but more so on the quality and expertise of the contact lens clinic.

Have you had a problem with your contacts... vision...discomfort...etc.
We can often remedy the problem.

  • Your contacts should typically be 100% comfortable from when you get up in the morning, to when you go to bed. If they are not, we usually can make them so.
  • The clarity of vision should typically be good all day long. If it is not, we usually can make it so.
  • Contacts should take seconds only for both insertion and removal..
  • They should not rip or tear.
  • Handling techniques are of paramount importance. We will teach you properly.

Our expertise:Contact Lenses in Ottawa
  • All contact lens
  • Eye problems 2° to contact lens.
  • We can teach you expert contact lens insertion, removal, handling etc.
  • We deal with the top brands of contact lenses on the Canadian market.
  • Our get you into the least expensive, highest quality contact lens possible...and to get your money's worth out of each pair.
  • Large in-house inventory of clear, coloured and non-toric lenses.
  • Outside prescriptions accepted (not guaranteed).
  • We can ship contacts.
  • Toric lenses available.